I walked up to the Muni platform in front of my studio building while I was on the phone with my friend Kari this morning, and started sobbing when I saw the first poster of the I AM BAYVIEW series up on the platform. The point of the project is to celebrate the neighborhood and it’s dynamic community, and I hope we succeeded. There are two sets of posters on every Muni stop along 3rd street in the Bayview and Potrero neighborhoods in San Francisco. I can’t start the story without talking about the team who made the idea of this portrait series possible: Brittni Chicuata—legislative aid to Supervisor Malia Cohen—and Earl Shaddix—creator of the Bayview Underground. Jason Madara, myself, Brittni, and Earl got together a few times and talked and dreamed big for this, but they made it a reality. There was no way Jason and I would have had a way to pull this off without them. We shot the series over a few days in the spring and summer of last year while they worked to grease the wheels of city bureaucracy and community skepticism to make it possible. If you’re going to move into a neighborhood, then it’s your obligation to get to know the people who already live there. That is the mission statement of this series.