The Daily Promo—Oriana Koren

A behind the scenes interview between Oriana Koren and Rob Haggart of APhotoEditor about our process of crafting her first big promo.

The Daily Promo—Ashley Thompson & Ana Homonnay

An interview between photographers Ashley Thompson and Ana Homonnay and Rob Haggart of aPhotoEditor discussing our process of creating their promo, which showcased their kids and teens work.

BobCut Magazine Interview

It was a treat to be interviewed by BobCut Magazine’s Isabella Welch on my monthly column, Observed, and what role an artist plays in society today.

Remodelista Feature

I never thought of myself as a particularly adept host, but then I began to realize I was having hella parties at my house. Writer Fan Winston details my step-by-step process, with an emphasis on being stress free.

Time Out Magazine Interview

Time Out Magazine did a Q&A on my artistic process and what value I place on creativity.

PDN Online Interview

I was interviewed by Holly Stuart Hughes of Photo District News (PDN) on my career and what makes a successful collaboration when it comes to photographers and their work, in particular when crafting a promotional piece.

The Daily Promo—Emily Shur

Photographer Emily Shur sat down with A Photo Journal to discuss our collaboration and her most recent promo.

Rob Goodman: Interview

I was honored to be invited to have a conversation with host Rob Goodman and incredible series on the creative community and their various ways of working.

The Daily Promo—Maria del Rio

An interview between photographer Maria del Rio and Heidi Volpe of APhotojournal, about our process and discussing the challenges and successes in producing her first mailer promo.

Interview: The Lonely Hour Podcast

Host Julia Bainbridge interviewed me about the loneliness of being black man in a very white (publishing) industry.

The Battery Magazine Interview

I was interviewed by Jessica Carew Kraft of The Battery on my practice and the ever growing conflict between art and technology in San Francisco.  

Curbed Interview—Eclectic Space and Festive Dinner Parties

Mary Jo Bowling of Curbed Magazine wrote this feature (photographed by Kelly Marshall) which focused on my home environment and the creative community I’m fortunate to be surrounded by.

C Magazine Feature

C Magazine asked me to give them a few of my favorite things that have inspired me over the years. I responded with such things as Dr. Bronner's soap and the phenomenal Grace Jones.

Lisa Congdon Interview

I was thrilled to be interviewed by my good friend Lisa Congdon for her series “Interviews with People I Admire.” We talked about my inspirations, my roots, and how my creative process has evolved over the years.

The Daily Edit—The Promo Process

Heidi Volpe and I sat down to discuss my process of working with photographers to create unique and stunning promotional pieces.