“The Dividing Line” Show

I’ve been too overwhelmed to write about Friday night’s opening at The Perish Trust. The idea for the show ‘The Dividing Line’ came from sitting in my barber’s chair two years ago. I did a doodle of a young boy sitting next to me. There was so much emotion in his face as he was getting his hair cut, I wanted to create a series from the vantage point of the people I saw there. As I worked on the paintings I realized it also became a mission statement on my practice, my philosophy on painting and my own personal political statement. I am eternally grateful to Kelly and Rod of the Perish Trust for giving me the opportunity to show off my work in this way. The show is up for another month, and the pieces are for sale. Check it out if you are strolling down Divisadero Street. Thank you to everyone who came to the show on Friday night. What a magical evening! I am blessed with an incredible community of artists, friends and loved ones.